The press was stopped in March 2020, due to the pandemic, and the printed book parts remained unbound. The ADD-ON of 16 pages was placed at the beginning of the Empires & Money: Gold, Paper Money, Crypto book and covers the history of pandemics, Covid-19, and the economic consequences of trillions of dollar bailouts.

2020… The Year That Was…

Company and elite bailouts lead to a rise in the stock market. ● Nearly 3 trillion US dollars were “printed”, US$ weakened, price of gold and Bitcoin rose, a K-shaped recession follows, and Kenneth Rogoff (Harvard) said that the pandemic could … “prove to be the greatest threat to US leadership and primacy of the Dollar since WW II.”● Era of “Fake News,” QAnon, and social uprisings. ● China trade war. ● 2020 elections contested. ● Record heat of 130°F in Death Valley. Flesh starts to cook at 122°F. Hottest July ever in the northern hemisphere. ● Numerous wilderness fires in western America. ● “Biblical plague of locusts”, from Somalia and are carried by the winds to eastern Africa and all the way to Pakistan and India.

● Appearance of Comet Neowise, with a 6800-year cycle, led to apprehension because comets coincided with times of floods, pestilence, war, famine, and change of dynasties for thousands of years in Chinese records of “venomous” stars. A comet foretold Caesar’s assassination, and “carried him to heaven” as shown on Emperor Augustus’ postmortem Caesar coins. A Comet appears on the Bayeux tapestry celebrating the Norman conquest of England in 1066.

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An overview of the 16 page Pandemic & Financial Crisis 2020 ADD-ON to the Empires & Money: Gold, Paper Money, Crypto book.
384 pages + over 4000 images